Press Release

May 4th, 2021
Podcast: Portrait Series

Hosted by writer Jana Mader and art historian Kaitlyn Allen, each interview in the series begins by asking a creative woman the question, ‘How did your journey begin?’ This sets in motion the personal narrative of writers, business owners, artists, and more - and weaves their unique journey with contemporary arts and issues that resonate with each woman. 

“What we have learned so far in this interview series, is that capturing a woman’s personal journey through her own voice is immediately captivating and inspiring. Every woman is unique.” Kaitlyn Allen, Co-founder and Co-CEO Women Imprint 

Portrait Series is a podcast by Women Imprint with a new episode every month. Women Imprint is a nonprofit organization that documents the imprint of women whose lives and actions continue to inspire today. Ownership and interpretation of a woman’s personal history are to Women Imprint a right. The podcast "Portrait series,” therefore, is an archival mission in our strategy for change.